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Mount Gould Hospital, part of Livewell Southwest, operates a chaplaincy and spiritual care department at the hospital. Livewell Southwest is seeking chaplaincy volunteers to assist in the provision of such care at Mount Gould.
In due course opportunities may also exist at Tavistock Hospital and Lee Mill Hospital near Ivybridge. Training and supervision will be provided by Livewell Southwest and the Chaplain.
For full and better details concerning this exciting opportunity please contact Revd Simon Leigh (01752 335773 or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

The circuit plan for December 2017 to February 2018 is available on the website - please click here to download the file as a PDF document. The lectionary for the same period is also available here.

I was fortunate to visit Puri and Pentakota again in January, with my dear friend Rev Debbie Kirk. It is always tough travelling so far, and as cheaply as possible, but always worth the effort and the expense. We have never visited without being truly blessed in many ways.

We are always made very welcome and stay with our dear friends Rev Surrendra and Bulbal Mohanty so I will start the update with them.

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A DAY OF PRAYER AND FASTING - Friday 1st September 1st 2017


The Methodist Conference meeting at Birmingham earlier this year agreed for there to be a day of prayer and fasting for the life and mission of the Methodist Church; seeking God's guidance and the Holy Spirit's inspiration to lead the Methodist Church into the better service of Christ Jesus.

If you are able to fast that day, but not if there are good medical grounds for you not so doing, then please join in this simple act of devotion. You may also wish to pray for the life and mission of your church and to seek God's guidance on what God is requiring of your church. You may wish too, to pray for ministers and church leaders, for preachers and worship leaders; for those who work with young people and those who offer pastoral care. There is no prescribed requirements, but pray fervently for God's guidance for the Methodist Church.

Every blessing,

Revd Simon H Leigh
Superintendent Minister

The circuit plan for September to November 2017 is available on the website - please click here to download the file as a PDF document. The lectionary readings can also be downloaded.

Plymouth Methodist Central Hall are running an Alpha course on Wednesday evenings starting on 26 April:

WHAT is Alpha?

Alpha is an informative course, non-pressurised and fun.  It’s an opportunity to explore the meaning of life and to share thoughts.  The course is designed primarily for people who are interested in the Christian faith, but don’t go to church or haven’t been to church in a long time.  Even if you are familiar with church and Christian beliefs, but have unanswered questions, Alpha is a good opportunity to explore things further.

Each evening begins at 6.30 with a meal, followed by a short talk, followed by chat, finishing at 8.30.

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Plymouth and Devonport Methodist Circuit invite you to attend the 'Encircled in Care' Course.

This resource is for those who care. It offers practical, up-to-date ideas and resources that can help pastoral carers to seek 'life in all its fullness' for the Body of Christ. All in the Church are involved in the health of that body. The quality of our caring is a sign of God's love and a witness to others that Christians have something special to offer a broken world that needs healing and reconciliation.

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Understanding Healing Seminar and Worship

5th November 2016, 4-6pm and 7-9pm; The Discovery Café, Methodist Central Hall

In the afternoon seminar, we shall be looking at the area of Fear, Worry and Anxiety: what are they, how do they enter our lives, how we can be free from their debilitating. In the evening worship service, there will be time for healing prayer for this or any other reason.

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Discipleship Pathway
Special Bible Studies
at Methodist Central Hall

Living Simply
Is the call of Christ compatible with capitalism and materialism?

11, 18 and 25 October 2016
2.00 pm and 7.30 pm

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A card has been produced for Pastoral Visitors which includes guidance about working alone.  The card, which can be downloaded here, is produced in both Publisher and Word format and will need to be amended to include the contact details of the relevant church.

The circuit plan for September-November 2016 is available on the website - please click here to download the file as a PDF document.  As of September 2016, plans will be produced every three months rather than every four.